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      Horizontal screw settling centrifugal dewatering machine
          Publish time 2018-10-10 15:49    
      Detailed information:
      Summary: The centrifuge produced by our company has reasonable structure, advanced technology and fine manufacture. It can concentrate, dehydrate or separate solid particles within the range of several microns to three millimeters. Based on decades of research on the separator and the accumulation of on-site experience, as well as the maintenance of Swedish Alfa Laval, German Fulewei and other international well-known brands of horizontal screw centrifuge, accept and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, on this basis, research, innovation, formed its own characteristics of horizontal screw centrifuge products, separation effect is better.
      Product characteristics:
      1. Good adaptability: The special requirements of material and process for centrifuge are fully considered in the process, and the optimization design of the main components is carried out in terms of specificity and adjustability. As long as the user before the purchase of its installation and use of the site, physical and chemical characteristics of material handling, process requirements, we will provide users with the most suitable model.
      2. High degree of automation: the feeding, separating, unloading and other processes of the centrifuge are carried out continuously and automatically under high-speed operation. Programmable controller is used to realize automatic control of centrifugal separation and centrifugal washing.
      3. Running stability is good: The differential used in centrifuge is cycloidal or planetary differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide adjustment range.
      4. Strong workmanship: The centrifuge is controlled by dual-motor dual-frequency energy feedback differential speed system. The differential speed is flexibly and steplessly adjusted, and the differential speed is adjusted at any time according to the change of material. Real energy-saving products.
      5. Good operating environment: the separation of materials by centrifuge is carried out under completely sealed conditions to ensure that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and to maintain a clean and healthy production environment, to achieve civilized production.
      6. Safety protection device is complete and reliable: Centrifuge equipped with torque protection, power control and other multiple protection, can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden failure to the machine.
      7. Beautiful shape: The frame of this machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel. The surface is smooth and smooth after special processing. Light, generous and beautiful, giving people a sense of beauty.
      Product structure schematic diagram:

      Drive combination:
      According to the specific application background and requirements of our company, we have developed a variety of centrifuge drum and screw propeller combination methods:
      1. Two AC inverter motors and two frequency converters are used to drive the drum and screw respectively, and the differential speed is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the secondary motor. It also increases the automatic control function of differential speed.

      2. The drum is driven by an AC frequency converter and a hydraulic motor (frequency converter) with an independent hydraulic pump to drive the screw. The differential speed is adjusted by adjusting the flow rate of the hydraulic pump. The differential speed can be automatically adjusted according to the pushing load.

      Application area:
      The various materials listed below are only part of the uses, and various new uses are increasing. The type and technical parameters of the centrifuge can only be determined by testing or comparing the specific materials.

      Solid-liquid separation

      Sludge dewatering

      Granularity grading

      Liquid phase clarification

      Polyvinyl chloride resin

      Power plant sludge

      Titanium dioxide

      Soy Protein

      Ammonium sulfite

      Printing and dyeing sludge


      Peanut protein

      Barium carbonate

      Paper sludge


      fruit juice

      Barium carbonate

      Natural gas desulfurization sludge

      Drilling mud


      Xinde powder

      Calcium carbide sludge

      Pulverized coal flotation

      Vegetable oil

      Barium sulfate

      Fiberboard sludge

      Crystal stone flotation

      Citric acid

      Calcium sulfate

      Drilling mud


      Waste oil purification


      Chlorine mud


      Washing water purification

      Sprinkle waste liquid

      Auto sludge


      Orange juice


      Activated sludge

      porcelain clay

      Chlorine mud

      Blood meal

      Plaster paddle


      Alum sludge


      model The main technical parameters Motor Power Dimensions(mm)

      Total Weight


      Drum diameter


      Maximum speed




      Maximum separation factor


      Production capacity


      Main motor


      Auxiliary motor


      LW250×1100 250 5400 1100 4080 1-5 7.5/11 5.5/7.5 2380×1400×800 1000
      LW350×1000 350 4200 1000 3450 2-8 11/15 7.5/11 2415×1500×602 1950
      LW350×1250 350 4200 1250 3450 3-10 11/15 7.5/11 2650×1200×602 2000
      LW350×1500 350 4200 1500 3450 3-15 11/15 7.5/11 2913×1300×602 2000
      LW350×1600 350 4200 1600 3450 3-12 11/15 7.5/11 2850×1200×602 2200
      LW430×1320 430 4000 1320 3845 4-25 30/37 11/15 2500×1500×1000 2450
      LW430×1700 430 4000 1600 3845 5-30 30/37 11/15 3100×1550×1000 2500
      LW430×1800 430 4000 1800 3845 5-32 30/37 11/15 3200×1550×1000 2950
      LW450×1600 450 3800 1600 3632 8-30 30/37 11/18.5 3000×1550×1000 3100
      LW450×1800 450 3800 1800 3632 8-35 30/37 11/18.5 3200×1550×1000 3250
      LW500×2000 500 3500 2000 3432 10-40 37/45 11/18.5 3550×1600×1100 3600
      LW530×1700 530 3500 1700 3630 10-45 45/55 18.5/22 3250×1700×1200 3700
      LW530×2000 530 3500 2000 3633 10-45 45/55 18.5/22 3550×1700×1200 3800
      LW530×2200 530 3500 2200 3633 10-50 45/55 18.5/22 3800×1700×1200 4000
      LW550×1900 550 3200 1900 3418 10-50 45/55 18.5/22 3500×1700×1250 4200
      LW550×2200 550 3200 2200 3418 10-55 45/55 18.5/22 3800×1700×1250 4500
      LW650×1900 650 2800 1900 2980 15-60 55/75 20/30 3500×1800×1300 6300
      LW650×2200 650 2800 2200 2980 15-60 55/75 22/30 3800×1800×1300 6500
      LW650×2600 650 2800 2400 2980 15-60 55/75 22/30 4200×1800×1300 6800
      LW800×2200 800 2500 2200 2560 20-100 90/110 37/45 4000×2000×1500 8500
      LW800×3200 800 3200 2200 2560 20-100 90/110 37/45 5000×2000×1500 11000
      LW1000×2400 1000 2200 2400 2350 25-120 110/135 45/55 4200×2500×1800 12000
      LW1000×3600 1000 2200 2400 2350 25-150 110/135 45/55 5600×2500×1800 12800

             Details: Sludge dewatering treatment equipment is an important equipment in municipal sewage treatment, sludge treatment in tap water production process, industrial and agricultural sewage treatment projects. It has the functions of sludge dewatering, sludge concentration and dehydration. In the world, the large aspect ratio horizontal screw unloading settling centrifuge (abbreviated as the large aspect ratio horizontal screw machine) is generally used as the main sludge dewatering machine, which has the advantages that other types of sludge dewatering equipment do not have.
      1, fully closed operation, on-site clean and pollution-free.
      2, less flocculant and washing water and low daily running cost.
      3, the layout of the equipment is compact and the area is small, which can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.
      The centrifugal dewatering system of sludge manufactured by our company has large slenderness ratio and high rotational speed. The control system of PLC + LCD screen is used to control the cutting and crushing, feeding, discharging and transporting of sludge, the dosage of flocculant and the operation of the whole system. As a complete set of automatic operation unit, the device is an ideal turnkey project for users.
      1. Sludge feeding system: composed of sludge cutting machine, sludge feeding pump, electromagnetic flowmeter, valve, pipeline, etc.
      2. Flocculant dispensing system: PT dry powder automatic quantitative dispensing device, diluting water device, dosing screw pump, valves, pipes and other components. Fully automatic feeding, dissolving, ripening, storage, dosing and other processes can be realized, the entire process does not require manual operation, fully automatic operation.
      3, specific gravity dosing system: JY type mixing drum, electric diaphragm pump, valve, pipe and so on. The system is an auxiliary equipment for dewatering oily sludge (scum).
      4. Sludge dewatering machine (large aspect ratio) horizontal screw centrifuge: LW-250, LW-350, LW-430, LW-450, LW530, LW650 and so on.
      5. Dewatered Sludge Conveying System (Axless Screw Conveyor): The design of WLS series Axless Screw can effectively prevent the clogging and winding of mud cake, and is widely used in the transportation of sludge after centrifugal dewatering.
      6. Electric control system (PLC + LCD fully automatic control, dynamic screen display): by the horizontal screw host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution pump, PLC control and related electrical components control box and LCD touch screen.
      The main functions are as follows:
      (1) The control system has two working conditions of manual control and automatic control: in the state of manual control, various system parameters can be adjusted and set during operation; in the state of automatic control, after the system parameters are set and adjusted, the flow and dosage of the feed pump are controlled by the concentration meter in the sludge tank, dosage and dilution water. Fuzzy control is carried out according to the turbidity of centrifuge separating liquid. The control system is an intelligent automatic control process.
      (2) rotary speed and differential speed of centrifuge with automatic continuous measurement;
      (3) condition monitoring, fault alarm, data display and printing reports with various operating parameters of the system.
      (4) automatic sludge concentration is achieved through concentration detection, so that the centrifuge is always in the best working condition.
      (5) system working state, alarm signal, all kinds of operation parameters and historical records are sent to the upper computer.
      (6) State monitoring and display of parameters such as current, voltage, flow rate, main engine speed, differential speed, thrust torque, operation cumulative time, temperature, etc.
      (7) dynamic picture display and parameter setting of each operation unit.
      (8) The remote fault diagnosis function can be realized by the configuration software of the network edition of the upper computer, the animation display of the running state, the real-time data report forms, the historical data search, and so on.
      (9) The whole control system is fully automatic controlled by PLC + LCD touch screen, so that the system is in operation intelligent automatic operation, is a very ideal turnkey project.

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